Document's Legalization

For documents that will be used in countries no members of Apostille Hague Treaty

Welcome to INTEGRAMERICA.ORG, a leading authority in document legalization services for use in non-member countries of the Hague Apostille Treaty.

We specialize in navigating the complex process of document certification required by nations not participating in the Hague Convention.

Our expertise lies in ensuring that your documents are legally recognized and valid in these countries, through a meticulous process of authentication and legalization.

With a deep understanding of international legal requirements and a commitment to precision and reliability, we are your trusted partner in making your documents globally compliant and accepted."

If you want to know if the country where your document is going to be used belongs or not, to the Hague Apostille convention, and therefore will require CONSULAR LEGALIZATION, please check the list found in the following link: